What to bring for labour and birth

Don’t forget to pack anything that’ll help you be more comfortable during labour; your favourite pillow, music, oils, a TENS machine. You and your partner/support person will have access to refreshments, but are welcome to bring your own if you wish.

For the maternity ward:

  • Nappies and wipes
  • Comfortable clothing for mum
  • Toiletries
  • Maternity pads and breast pads
  • Clothing and a swaddle for bub to go home in

Maternity means partners too

Your partner is most welcome to stay with you at night to provide assistance and support, and develop your relationship as a family.

Supporting your partner is important to us. The majority of our rooms have a double bed whilst others have a single bed with a chair that converts to a sofa bed, so your partner can stay overnight.

Baby’s ID

Babies are identified with two bands, placed around the wrist or ankle immediately after birth. Please don’t remove these in hospital as these are required for security purposes. Please inform staff if name tags fall off or need replacing.


Our maternity ward is a secure ward. As all doors are locked and visitors must identify themselves to enter.

Newborn screening test

The test is performed on all babies in Australia. The test is performed by taking blood from the heel of the baby. The test is used to detect metabolic disorders that, unless treated, can affect your baby’s development. A brochure will be given to you prior to the test being completed. Staff will ensure you fully understand and have given consent prior to completing the test.

Hearing test

The NSW Statewide Infant Screening program (SWISH) is offered to all babies. For more information, the SWISH leaflet is available from trained hearing screeners.

Lactation support

For first-time mums or mums who’d love a refresh on lactation, time spent with our midwives is invaluable. You’ll receive the very best advice, and have your questions about feeding answered by our caring team.


Cots are provided to transport your baby safely around the unit.

Blue Book

Your baby’s Blue Book is given to you after the birth and needs to stay with baby during your hospital stay. That way, we can complete medical records prior to discharge. Your baby’s growth, development, medical history, and immunisations will be recorded in the Blue Book. Please remember to take it with you to all of your baby’s future health appointments.

Birth registration

During your stay, we will give you the forms you need to register the birth of your baby and claim maternity allowance. It’s essential you take them home as they cannot be redistributed. You have 60 days to register your baby’s birth at bdm.nsw.gov.au

Handover change times

The midwifery team will be performing shift handovers. The handover involves the team moving through the ward and coming to your bedside. We encourage you to be involved.

Private Dining. A menu that’s absolutely delicious.


At Sydney Southwest Private Maternity, we don’t do hospital food. Instead, we take pride in serving you a scrumptious menu that’s an indulgence of fresh ingredients, deliciously inspired meals and exquisite treats.  

Our catering team takes pride in making sure you have delicious meals and snacks throughout your stay with us. It is important that you feel well-nourished and pampered!

After baby arrives, we’ll present you with a Congratulations Plate of freshly made macaroons and fresh fruit. In addition to our delicious breakfast, lunch and dinners, we also serve morning tea, afternoon tea and supper.

A range of complimentary chilled light meals are available on request from our kitchen with compliments for you and your partner, whenever you like. How wonderful!

If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know. Enjoy and allow us to look after you.

Newborn photography

For an additional fee you have the option of engaging our official hospital baby photographer My Eye Photography to come and capture the first few days of your baby’s precious life. My Eye Photography specialises in portraits and capture professional studio-like newborn photos. Click here to pre-book your session.


We have an onsite carpark. If you’re in strong labour, your partner can leave the car in a space immediately outside the front of the hospital.


Wi-Fi is available throughout your stay. Login through the Healthscope Wi-Fi connection.

Hospital amenities

You’ll find a cafe on the ground floor.

Personalised care board

We use a personalised patient care board in your room, to keep you and your family involved in your care. It’s updated regularly by our health professionals. You can use it to jot down reminders and questions for your doctor and midwife.

Servicing your room

We aim for hotel standards in cleanliness for your room. If you need towels changed, more toiletries or the room cleaned, just let us know.

Visiting hours

1.00pm - 3.00pm

6.00pm - 8.30pm

Partners and siblings are welcome outside these hours. We strongly advise other visitors to visit during these hours so our mums and babies get as much rest as possible. We kindly ask that visitors do not come if they’re unwell. For safety reasons, we’re a locked ward and visitors need to use the intercom and wait for a staff member to get access.

Our Assistance

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