Our highly-experienced team is ready to support you on your birthing journey.

Our obstetricians 

At Sydney Southwest Private Maternity, you’ll be pleased to know that we have some of the most experienced, qualified obstetricians in New South Wales, who specialise in every type of pregnancy from low-risk to complex births, twins and IVF babies. 

To arrange a consultation, see your GP for a referral.

Our paediatricians

We’re so proud of the team of paediatricians who are part of our community of care, and are extremely confident you’ll be equally impressed. It’s accepted practice that all babies be examined by a paediatrician within the first few days of birth. The examination will occur during your stay and may be at any time of the day.

Our midwives

Our fantastic team of midwives have decades of experience. Should you need it, you’ll have the use of the Special Care Nursery, created for bubs needing a little extra care and attention. Imaging, paediatrics, physiotherapy and other facilities are on site.

Our Assistance

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